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I want to share with you our experience shopping for the food.  As we have done in past years, I gave our daughter money and the food pantry list, and set her free in the supermarket.  With her calculator she made sure to be within the budget, and very diligently made many decisions about what to get.

When she came to the check-out line, the cashier questioned her about her unusual order, and Hanna told her what it was for.  Well, the cashier shared with Hanna that not long ago, she had had to make use of
the HP food pantry herself, and that it was very helpful to her in a hard time.  She expressed very sincere appreciation to Hanna for what she was doing.  
It was a very meaningful moment for Hanna to get direct feedback from someone about the mitzvah of tsedakah (volunteering).  I hope this inspires others to not only make the contribution, but to involve your kids in the effort.